Brunch. Chicken Cabbage-Wraps.

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Tastes oddly like mexican food!
Makes two wraps for one serving, but one would make a good snack.

-1 chicken drumstick 26p
-1 avocado 50p
-2 medium mushrooms 8p
-2 large cabbage/chinese-cabbage/lettuce leaves 5p
-1/2 teaspoon of chili-sauce
Total: 95p.
15 min.
1. Take two large leaves and wash them. Cut off any exessive stalk at the bottom and check to see if they’ll roll-up!
2. Slice the avocado and one mushroom. Arrange them on the leaves, leaving a bit of room at the end to roll them up. You could also mash the avocado if tender enough!

3. Slice the other mushrooms.
4. Fry/grill the chicken and mushroom.
5. Add the mushrooms to the wrap. Slice/break up the chicken and add it also.
6. Sprinkle chili-sauce over the top.

7. Roll it up and enjoy!

Spicy, salty, umami, sweet, crunchy… Yum!

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2 Responses

  1. Nikki-S says:

    Just wanted to say this is a great idea, I’ve just started primal eating and cost is a big concern for me. Good to see British pounds shillings and pence!!!! Also British stores, I went to Aldi yesterday for the first time in ages and picked up a couple of bargains.

  2. Die Kochin says:

    Care to share your bounty with us? :) What did you find? I may have to make and ALDI trip myself. :p