Lunch. Roasted Lamb Bites with Roasted Veg.

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I got some of LiDL’s “Fox Tree Farm” New Zealand frozen lamb chump chops today. I can’t find anything conclusive, but it seems that NZ lamb is almost always grass-fed and with minimum antibiotics and stuff. If that’s the case, this could be a BRILL way of eating decent meat on a budget! You get 9-10 chops per 900g bag, which is 45-50p per chop.

Some Americans had been complaining that this lamb is too strong, but I find it isn’t too far from Welsh lamb in taste. Texture-wise I can’t decide if I prefer it raw or if it’s yummier to cook it until you get “lamb crackling” on top! Mmm! :)

-1 lamb chump chop 50p
-200g butternut squash 22p
-2 small beetroots 15p
-2 mushrooms 8p
-2 tablespoons of lard
-mixed herbs
Total: £1. (I’m hitting the upper-limit a lot lately!)
30 min.
1.- Wash and slice the vegetables. Place the mushrooms to one side.
2.- Slice the lamb chop into squares. When close to the bone, simple add the rest to the pile of meat, still on the bone!
3.- Place the squash and beetroot alongside the lamb in an oven tray and cut up some lard, sprinkling bits of it evenly over the food.
4.- Place in the oven at 200 degrees until the lard melts. Then, take out and stir before sprinkling the herbs over the now-sticky food.
5.- Keep in oven between 200 and 230. Stir occassionally.
6.- When mostly done, add the chopped mushrooms and stir in.
7.- Leave until everything is slightly browned.

8.- If there’s leftover lard and you were using the good stuff (or simply enjoy herby-lard!), pour into a small cup to preserve. The stuff seems to NEVER go off!

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2 Responses

  1. kirsty says:

    i’m from NZ and yes, our lamb is what you’d classify “free range/ grass fed/organic” I think you guys even get it cheaper than we do!