Dinner. Mini-Quiche with Chicken Liver Pate. (2 recipes!)

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So, I made a batch of chicken-liver pate. It is FAB. Highly recommended. Probably get your livers from the farmers’ market or a butcher, though. Then you can know what the bird ate. Offal is cheap enough as-is and far nicer from a well-fed animal. ;p


-3 eggs 24p
-150g courgette 15p
-3-4 anchovies 10p (I use Tesco’s tinned in olive-oil)
-grease for the baking-tray
Total: 55p.
15 min.
1. Whisk the eggs together.
2. Take some cupcake-moulds, a cupcake-tin or a cookie-tin and grease the cups.
3. Finely chop the courgette and anchovies and share evenly around the cups.
4. Pour the egg on top.
5. Bake until the egg is solid.

Chicken-liver pate (3 servings).

-300g chicken livers 75p
-1 carrot 7p
-1 onion 7p
Total: £1.
Total per portion: 33p.
20 min.
1. Peel the onion and carrot and slice VERY finely.
2. Fry in the butter until semi-soft.
3. Add the herbs.
4. Slice and add the chicken livers. Turn to top heat.
5. When the livers are sealed on the outside and JUST warm in the middle, take off the heat and place into a bowl/blender.
6. Blend together, leaving a few chunks if you want it coarse/textured.
7. Cool in fridge. If it isn’t the desired consistency when cold, warm it up, blend in some butter and re-cool.

(photo of pate tomorrow!)

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