Make Your Own Chocolate!

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So, you can’t find 99% chocolate in your area? Or maybe your favourite brand is off the shelves? Or you’re allergic/intolerant to one of those stupid chemicals almost every chocolate bar has?

So, this is the recipe chocolate factories don’t want you to know! Make your own chocolate at home, simply, easily, controlling the ingredients and the portions.
Bar one step, this is easy enough to do with the kids and leaves you with a whopping SIX items to wash up (four of which are cutlery). I’ve included the total cost, but cost per portion is down to how much of a chocaholic you are. ;)

-a microwaveable bowl
-a mould or tray
-two teaspoons, a knife and a fork

-150g coconut oil £1.20
-50g cocoa powder 50p
I use Cadbury’s Bourneville cocoa powder, because it’s 100% ground cocoa bean and is easily fat-soluble. Many cocoa powders will work, though, and one that already has sugar and incorporated milk-solids, whilst I don’t advocate it, makes an easy milk-chocolate.

My cocoa powder of choice. £2/200g, but 100% cocoa!

Apart from that, you can sweeten using your sweetener of preference and/or add nut-butter centers, or nuts, or whatever you fancy to your home-made chocolate!
I opted for a teaspoonful of honey for sweetening and a handful of nuts shared between my cookie-tin dips. (I don’t have a chocolate mold. :( )

Total: £1.90
30 min.

1.- Take your coconut oil. Check if it’s liquid at room temp (this is important for later!).


2.- If it’s not liquid, microwave it for a few minutes, until all fluid. (This is the part where adult help may be needed! The bowl probably WON’T be too hot for a child to handle, but I wouldn’t take any chances. If too hot, it will cool down quickly, long before the coconut oil solidifies again.)

You... can't really see it. But the coconut oil's still there! I promise!

3.- Mix in your cocoa-powder, a teaspoonful at a time. It ought to mix into the warm oil quickly and easily, but you’ll have to use a whisk or a fork to break down any lumps.

4.- Mix in any milk-powder and your desired sweetener. Something thick like honey will need to be stirred a bit more.
5.- Take any fillers you want to use and place them in your tray.

6.- Reheat your mix for a few seconds in the microwave. Stir vigorously. Pour into your tray.

Chocolatey delight!

7.- Scrape and lick the bowl.

If there are several of you, you may need a designated bowl-licker!

8.- Place the chocolate somewhere to cool. If your coconut oil was liquid at room temperature, you’ll need to use the fridge. Otherwise, just let it sit to one side and let nature take charge of chocolate-setting.

9.- Do your ridiculously small amount of washing-up.

DISCLAIMER: The amount you have to wash up increases with every extra chocolatey face and pair of dirty hands.

This made me just over 200g of pure cocoa chocolate. If you’re using a cheaper solid oil, cheaper cocoa powder or simply making it less intense by using milk solids (powdered milk), your chocolate will be even cheaper. And JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT.

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3 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Huh. Never would have thought about making my own chocolate. Awesome blog premise, will definitely be keeping an eye out for your future posts.

    Paleo misers unite :)

    • Die Kochin says:

      Cheers! :D

      I’ll be adding some random notes on my Yule food and an article on cheap frozen meat before going back to normal. :)

  2. dave says:

    I use a hot water bath to melt the oil and add a quarter block of coconut cream,its cheaper and adds body.Then add a couple of splenda tablets ground up with a quarter teaspoonful of sunflower lecithin to add smoothness.A few drops of orange or mint essence for a touch of luxury then pour into a silicone sponge mould to set in the fridge.Broken up and stored in the fridge too.